Mt. Maoshan is one of the main mountains in Jiangsu province, the main mountain range of which is located in territory of Xuebu town, Jintan. The main peak of Mt. Maoshan, Da Mao Feng is 372.5 meters above sea level. It is Class 4A Tourist Attraction in China and well known in Jiangsu province. Mt. Maoshan is a famous Taoist mountain as well as the birthplace of Shangqing School of Taoism. It is called by the Taoism as “Shangqing Altar”. Since Tang and Song dynasty, Mt. Maoshan has been enjoying the reputation of “The First Blessed Place, The Eighth Charmed World”.

In January 2013, approved by the Jiangsu provincial government, the provincial Jintan Maoshan Tourist Resort was set up, with a total area of 128 square kilometers. It covers 11 administrative villages of Xuebu town and Maodong tree farm. There is convenient transportation inside and outside the resort, extending in all directions with Yangli and Yanjiang Expressway together with provincial highway S340 running through.

In recent years, a number of key characteristic projects such as Oriental SaltLake Resort, Sino-Art&Craft Museum-Landscape, Kingswan Country Club, Ziyun Lake Leisure Center, and The First Farm have rapidly risen and flourished, benefitting from Mt. Maoshan’s rich humanity history and natural resources. In the future, Jintan Maoshan will strive to build tourism and leisure system with reasonable overall layout, distinctive zoning and beautiful environment, aiming to be a national 5A scenic spot and tourist resort whose theme is "tour, sport, leisure, health, vacation."