The project is developed by Dragon City Tourism Holding Group, covering an area of 27.8 square kilometers with investment of 8 billion yuan. Relying on six major natural resources  "mountain, water, tea, salt, medicine, spring" from Mt.Maoshan as well as Taoism and Jintan culture. Oriental SaltLake Resort is building the first national landscape and health tourist resort, integrating leisure, cultural exhibition, interactive experience, mountain tourism, outdoor sports themes as a whole. Oriental SaltLake Resort is a key planning project of Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 2015 key construction project in Jiangsu province, key project of Changzhou 510, and No. 1 project of Jintan service industry. As the core project, Taoism world is in the centre of oriental SaltLake resort, covering an area of 1,000 mu with a total investment of 2.8 billion yuan. Based on Chinese traditional culture Zhouyi & Eight Diagrams, taoism world is innovated by the thought “Tai Ji converts to two platforms of Yin and Yang, then further produce four images, and four images give birth to eight diagram”. Supported and transformed by five systems of treasure, gods, landscape, host and operation, Taoism world creatively develops one temple, eight courtyards, Taoism hotels, Taoism streets, and other characteristic products.  In the integration of "religious culture show", "Jiangnan magic mountain town" and "creative interactive experience", a new generation of Chinese landscape culture tourism products bring tourists with "different" Chinese Taoism culture experience. Taoism world will be formally opened in 2015. It is expected to have 1.5 million tourists every year.