Sino-art & craft museum-landscape is a modern garden with a collection of collection, exhibition, tourism, leisure and vacation. The project covers an area of 3200 mu, divided into Phase I leisure resort and Phase II rehabilitation center. The overall planning is to construct according to the standards for 4A scenic spot. First phase of the project has the total investment of 1.08 billion yuan, which is mainly composed of bonsai museum, art museum, tea& stone museum, educated youth museum and the museum of natural history. The five museums form a complete set with tourist reception center, famous food restaurant, 19 creative villas, European square, garden of bamboo and tea, ecological parking lots, etc. In September 2013, the 7th World Baosai Friendship Federation Convention and the 12th Asia-Pacific Baosai Convention were successfully held. More than 400 foreigners from over 20 countries and regions as well as tens of thousands of domestic bonsai and stone fans gathered in Sino-art & craft museum-landscape to enjoy these two big events. It is expected to officially open in May 2015 with 900,000 tourists annually.