Jianghu feast
Xiaoyao Pavilion 1 "Jianghu Lake Feast" uses the theme of Wu Kuai, which integrates dining, food and performance interaction, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the Taoist Xiaoyao lively atmosphere to eat Jianghu food, watch Jianghu skills, practice Jianghu martial arts, and socialize with hundreds of people. Make new friends and increase the feelings of old friends. Dishes: Creative Cows, Crouching Dragons, Shaolin Dahuandan, Luoying Divine Palm, Divided Wrong Hands, Dun Wu Wu Quan, Dapeng Wings and other creative dishes.
Maoshan Tai Chi Rice
Maoshan Baosheng Garden-"Maoshan Cuisine. Mountain Wild Vegetables" follows the concept of "seasonal, pure, original, healthy", respects the growth and growth of food ingredients, follows the laws of nature, and uses traditional cooking methods in accordance with folk customs and habits. Put the original ingredients in the surrounding area of Maoshan for hundreds of miles on the table to let the diners enjoy the natural and freshness of the wild vegetables. "Maoshan Steamboat Chicken" is the signature specialty of mountain wild vegetables. Dishes: Maoshan steam pot chicken, signature Longshan tofu, Maoshan Taiji rice, tea-flavored crispy shrimp, mountain wild garlic cake, etc.
Xiangu Salted Pig Hand
Flower Valley Porcelain-Maoshan Cuisine, Taoist Cuisine Restaurant Maoshan Cuisine | Taoist Cuisine Restaurant is a themed restaurant featuring Maoshan Daoyang Culture. It integrates "Tao Culture + Catering + Tourism" into the operation, based on Maoshan and doing foot culture. Based on the raw materials of Maoshan's local characteristics and the philosophy of Taoism's return to health, traditional cuisine is used to bring Maoshan's delicious food to the table. Maoshan Cuisine is committed to the independent research and development of Taoist dishes, and its signature dishes include Maoshan Fairy Chicken, Tea Zen-flavor, Maoshan Taiji Rice, Maoshan Shangpai, etc. One soup and one dish are the perfect combination of Taoist culture and healthy meals. Tourists relax in their mind and body by observing flowers, tasting tea, asking, drinking, appreciating, and making friends in Maoshan, and truly experience the Taoist culture of "Hidden cuisine in Maoshan, and Taoism for half a day."
Fairy chicken under the mountain
Half of the mountain tasteless restaurant "wu" and "you" have always blended with each other, but the meaning of "wu" is more profound, it accepts niche, and contains all things, both mountain and sea flavor, as well as rural delicacies, so half of the mountain tasteless restaurant Only then will there be a mood of "no taste, no taste". The Maoshan Jiuwei special dishes created by the Wuwei Restaurant are unique, with the saying that “the stomach tastes Jiuwei and tastes to Maoshan; before it tastes Jiuwei, it does not arrive to Maoshan”, Maoshan Jiuwei includes cold Jiuwei and hot Jiuwei, using local Maoshan As a food ingredient, Shanzhen wild vegetables are carefully cooked to "capture" the hearts of every diners. Among them, the half-mountain fairy chicken, wild mountain simmered fish head and golden cicada soup are the most popular.
There are dozens of farmer-owned farmhouses in Xiangu Village. Xiangu is known for its pig hands, Maoshan old geese, stewed eggs, wild mushrooms, and ground vegetables. Cuisine, was awarded the honorary title of "Jiangsu Farmhouse Professional Village" by the Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Department in 2008, and was selected as the first batch of national village tourism key villages in July 2019. The number of diners who come to Xiangu Village every year reaches more than 500,000, and a leisure pattern of eating, living and playing has been formed. Xiangu Village-Special Farm Cuisine Xiangu salted pig hands, Maoshan old goose and other dried flavors chew Maoshan's memory. There are also centuries-old goose, egg yolk pig hands, braised pig's trotters, steamed sunfish, etc., all kinds of special dishes of Xiangu Village Farmhouse are unique and have their own flavors. Among them, Xiangu old goose selects mountain grass goose and feeds green, the meat is fragrant, fresh and tender. Xiangu salted pig's hand is rich in collagen, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.
Braised Sweet Potato with Mushroom and Gravy
The eco-organic banquet is well-known in the Jinshan Maoshan Tourism Resort in Jiangsu Province. It focuses on healthy and organic health and health, and takes green organic as the premise. The ingredients emphasize ecological, organic and healthy, not only on the meat and vegetables, but also on nutrition. The above is based on the balanced distribution of human needs, providing tourists with green, healthy and healthy delicacies. Farm No.1 Mingdu Manor Restaurant Water Organic Restaurant follows the "organic, low-carbon, environmentally friendly" concept, uses seasonal seasonal ingredients, picks farm-grown organic vegetables and fruits, and cooks healthy, but does not add seasonings, and strives to present ingredients The original deliciousness itself, pursuing the natural taste of freedom. -The restaurant of No. Farm Mingdu Manor Resort Hotel has three halls: Hall No. 1 (multi-function hall), Mingdu hall (zero-point hall), Huayi hall (multi-function hall), and 11 water-view terrace boxes, including beautiful scenery The cafe can accommodate more than 500 people at a time for dining.
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