Eastern Salt Lake City
Ticket Price:¥50
Opening Hours:9:30-20:00 (stop admission at 19:00)
Scenic Phone:400-809-7788
Scenic Address:No.9, Wangxian Road, Maoshan Tourism Resort, Jintan, Jiangsu
Flower Valley
Ticket Price:¥100
Opening Hours:9:00-16:00
Scenic Phone:0519-82531999
Scenic Address:Opposite to Maoshan Service Area, Changhe Expressway S38, Jintan Maoshan Tourism Resort Area, Jiangsu Province
Maoshan Baosheng Garden
Ticket Price:¥100
Opening Hours:9:00-17:00 (stop admission at 16:00)
Scenic Phone:0519-68228883,0519-80188888
Scenic Address:No.169 Maodong Forest Farm, Maoshan Tourism and Holiday Zone, Jintan, Jiangsu
Jinniu Cave Scenic Area
Ticket Price:¥50
Opening Hours:7:30-16:30
Scenic Phone:0519-82669665
Scenic Address:No.88, Baguatai Industrial Zone, Maoshan Tourism Resort, Jintan, Jiangsu
Maoshan Yiyuan Medical Town
Ticket Price:free
Opening Hours:10:00~18:00
Scenic Phone:0519-82988888
Scenic Address:100 meters west of the intersection of Maoshan Tourist Highway and 303 County Road, Maotan Tourist Resort, Jintan, Jiangsu Province
Golden Sands Bay Country Club
Ticket Price:free
Opening Hours:7:00-18:00
Scenic Phone:0519-82669718
Scenic Address:No.8, Jinshawan Road, Maoshan Tourist Resort, Jintan, Jiangsu
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